We are a Ecuadorian company, founded in 1974, with port terminal to offer storage service, loads, discharges, weigh, pre-cleaning, drying, ventilation, fumigation, blended, sacked and dispatch of all dry grains type, of which stand out the wheat, trenches, barley, corn, sorghum and Soya.

Our plant is endowed with computerized control in all the processes that are realized, and a modern laboratory for the analysis and monitoring the product.

We lend services at thirds, that includes the rent of specialized equipments; ready to be transported to where the client requires it.



Address: The south of Guayaquil city beside the Río Guayas, behind of the citadel Urbasur.
Telephones: (593-4) 2050225 - (593-4) 2050199
Fax: (593-4) 2050225
E-mail: rafael.gonzalezrubio@ecuagran.com.ec; susana.ortiz@ecuagran.com.ec
Guayaquil - Ecuador

Offices: Av. 6 de Diciembre 3470 and Ignacio Bossano
Telephones: (593-2) 2337891
Fax: (593-2) 2337891
E-mail: rafael.gonzalezrubio@ecuagran.com.ec; susana.ortiz@ecuagran.com.ec
Quito - Ecuador